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    Sarah Stockdale is based out of Toronto, but offers virtual coaching by request.

    Early Stage Growth Planning

    Early stage growth is all about experimentation to find key, repeatable and reliable growth levers. We'll work on an aggressive 30/90 growth plan and a plan to track and measure success.

    Marketing Strategy

    Accelerate your growth with a digital marketing strategy. Here we'll work on your Facebook ads, home page A/B testing, targeting landing pages, content marketing, referral programs and social strategy


    Activating users is one of the most important stages of your growth funnel. We'll work on increasing your paid user base through effective onboarding flows, user education and testing, behavioral and lifecycle email funnels.


    Good growth is end to end. Here we'll work through user engagement strategies, email retention funnels, and surprise and delight tactics.

    Influencer/Ambassador Program Development

    Influencer strategies can help you successfully target your key audience, and gain credibility and brand recognition with your highest value users.

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